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To all of our needlepointing friends...We had hoped to have the 2019 Houston charm ready before the seminar. Due to health issues earlier this year, we were unable to devote the time necessary to producing this charm. As you know, we don't cut corners and elected to get it right, whatever that took.

We are happy to announce that the charm is now ready. Our hope is that you will consider this charm as you always have, a great way to remember your time in Houston.

We have cast the first batch in both gold and silver, and the charms are now available from stock.

You can order by clicking here to the web page.

Thank you all for your understanding this year.

As always, we want to thank the ANG board and all of the members for their continuing support through the years.

We continue to be grateful and humbled by the relationship we have enjoyed over the years with the ANG board, and many of the ANG members. We're always anxious to hear where you'll be taking us next.

We know that you agree that this is a great way to support your organization.

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