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"We wanted to let all of you know that as of the end of this year Trade Signets will be closing up shop. Wesley and I have retired from almost everything else, but had kept the casting shop going as it seemed the best way to support your organization.

Business has been much slower with the pandemic, and we have both aged over the 20 years we have been doing this. So as much as we love all of you, and will certainly miss many who we have come to know, we recognize that it had to end sometime, and this just seemed like the right time.

The ANG charms will be available between now and year-end, so if you are missing any of the charms, you will want to order by mid-November.

We want to thank all of you who have supported our efforts over the years. We have always valued our relationship with both the ANG board and its members, and we wish all of you well in the years ahead."

Best wishes from both of us,

Jim Printz and J. Wesley Holland

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